Introducing Creative and Unique Shadowbox Art Prints

Introducing Creative and Unique Shadowbox Art Prints

Introducing Creative & Unique Shadowbox Art Prints

Introducing creative and unique shadowboxes featuring professional photographer Meg Wise's photographs as background images. Get ready to be inspired by the innovative ways Meg incorporates her stunning photos into these artistic displays.

3 Shadowboxes lined up

I'm always looking at different ways I can utilize my photography skills and wanting to try something unique. I had a random idea one day inspired by my new Cricut machine my husband gifted me for Christmas. I was seeing these gorgeous shadowboxes people were creating with their Cricut, and thought to myself, "What if I use my own images in the background and add some fun 3D detail for interest." 

Here is my first creation, Sunset Seagulls. The image was captured while watching the sunset on the Washington Coast. This is one of my all time favorite images and favorite sunsets. It was absolutely stunning. 

I showed my husband and we was impressed. I began showing a couple close friends and they loved them. So I've made them public in hopes that you too will love my creation. 

Each shadowbox began with an image captured on one of my Pacific Northwest Adventures. 

This one is Sunset Kayaker. I captured this image while kayaking the Columbia River Gorge and watching the sunset. The sunset was unreal. 

Sunset Kayaker

This is one of my favorites, because it's beauty and fun. This is Lost Lake Sasquatch. It was taking while camping at Lost Lake with an impressive view of Mount Hood at Sunset. 

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